Animals Found in Chimneys

Animals in Your Chimney

Birds, bats, snakes, opossums, squirrels, and raccoons are just a few of the animals that might be in your chimney right now. While most people believe they end up there by accident, the fact is that they usually have a very good reason for calling your chimney their home.

4 Common Reasons Why An Animal May Be In Your Chimney

  • Female raccoons will make nests in a masonry chimney so that they have a place to house and protect their young. Male raccoons will venture inside in an attempt to kill the little ones, which they view as competition. Since raccoons frequently make home in burnt, hollowed out trees, the smell of your chimney may remind them of their natural habitat. For the majority of animals, climbing inside your chimney may prove to be a one way trip, but raccoons do possess the ability to get in and out.
  • A migratory bird out of South America known as the chimney swift loves to build nests in chimneys. They are similar to raccoons in that hollowed out trees are their usual nesting spots. Chimney swifts are unique in that they can fly straight up, which makes chimneys easy for them to navigate. Since these birds are federally protected, they should only ever be handled by professionals who know these regulations inside and out.
  • If a snake is in your chimney, it is there with the sole intention of hunting down prey. They are single minded in that regard, and will do anything to get at baby birds or any other animals that may be trapped in the chimney.
  • Animals will often scurry down a chimney out of fear when being hunted, or when a storm is approaching. A chimney serves as a nice hiding spot for opossums, squirrels, and other small animals, but the problem here is that they have no way out once they feel safe again.

There are 3 scenarios that come into play in this situation:

  • The animal is rescued by a trained professional.
  • An open damper allows the animal to get down the chimney and into your fireplace. If there are no doors there, that animal is now running loose in your home.
  • It is left where it is, where it will die a slow, painful death. Not only is this totally inhumane, it can also lead to other issues. Once the animal dies and starts to decompose, you run the risk of being exposed to horrible smells, and potentially even health issues. You are then left with a problem that can be expensive to remedy.

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