The Chimney Waterproofing Process

Waterproofing your Chimney

Those of you unfamiliar with chimneys may not be aware that they are sometimes made from porous materials. It’s the equivalent of having a large sponge up there, which means that water can and will seep in and cause damage to your chimney. This often leads to leaks and potential structural issues. The whole issue is compounded by the changing of the season, where water being held in the chimney freezes and creates what is known as a freeze thaw effect. When this happens, the water expands as it freezes, creating bigger, more accessible pathways for future water events once the ice thaws.

Your best bet is to have the chimney waterproofed by a trained professional, as they can create a barricade of sorts that will prevent water getting in and doing damage that could lead to costly repair work being required. Having a chimney sweep perform the waterproofing process can end up saving you an awful lot of money and headaches over the long haul

You may be surprised to learn that chimney waterproofing is a fairly new procedure. It wasn’t so very long ago that homeowners simply had to sit back and watch their chimney fall apart. It is now possible to preserve the integrity of your chimney, and protect it so that it can provide you with many years of service. If your chimney is more than 5 years old, we suggest you have it inspected.

Chimney Waterproofing is No Easy Job

It may sound like a straightforward job, but waterproofing is actually a little more complex than you might imagine. Rather than just sealing in the bricks, the chimney sweep still has to allow the structure to breathe, this preventing mold and mildew. Painting the chimney on the outside will help it repel water, but it will trap any moisture on the inside, and that will lead to the chimney rotting from the inside out.

  • Do you have a missing or non-functioning chimney cap? A cap is simple in nature, but it does a great job of keeping water out. If you need a repair or a replacement cap, consider giving ARC Chimney Sweeps of Baton Rouge, LA a call to take care of it.
  • Are there issues with your chimney damper? The damper is the device that closes the flue when the chimney isn’t being used, and it is also designed to keep dirt and debris out of your home. If it’s defective, it needs to be taken care of ASAP.
  • Is the crown of your chimney showing any cracks or crumbling masonry (spalling)? The crown is responsible for keeping water out, and any cracks or spalling can affect its ability to do the job properly. An ARC Chimney Sweeps of Baton Rouge, LA technician can repair or replace a damaged crown.
  • Are there visible signs of holes, loose caulking or corrosion on your chimney flashing? The flashing is what protects your chimney at the point where it meets the roof-line. Give us a call if you see any such issues with your existing flashing,

If you have any concerns at all about your chimney, and you live in or around the Baton Rouge LA area, please feel free to give ARC Chimney Sweeps of Baton Rouge, LA a call at (225) 407-0140.